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This entry was posted on November 11, 2014 by Staci Trumble.
As most of us know, the age old problem with colouring hair is that no matter how healthy the hair is, breakage can still occur, especially when trying to go lighter. This worry is now just that; an old problem. The solution is here, it’s called Olaplex and it could just be the Holy Grail of hair colouring. This revolutionary product allows your hair to be coloured or lightened at any level without any breakage whatsoever. To never break hair again is a huge claim, but we’ve seen and heard from some of the biggest names in the industry, that it really does work.

This beloved brand launched in France in 1964 with a mission to create high-performance, personalized hair care. Using the renowned La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal, a powerhouse institution with over 2,000 researchers, Kérastase has created technologically advanced, specialized products to meet every hair and scalp need. But the brand’s mission goes beyond just supplying consumers with top-notch at-home products. They’ve built up a stable of trained stylists at select salons around the country to offer professional expertise and services too advanced to be done in your own bathroom. Part critical hair care nourishment and part haute spa treatment, your hair will be dramatically changed after a Kérastase in-salon ritual. Craving more details on Kerastase’s hair-saving elixirs?


We believe in the whole – being greater than the sum of its parts. We believe in a passion shared – a passion for hair. We believe in true partnerships – a two-way relationship for life.

Dedicated to creativity, Schwarzkopf Professional is built on a trusted foundation of expertise and quality. With over a century of innovation to celebrate, you can expect a global dynamic presence that keeps the hairdresser at its heart. Creating professional partnerships is at the core of what we do, it’s our philosophy and our point of difference.

Staying ahead of the game and meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated client base demands total commitment to our partner, the hairdresser. We believe in a passion shared – a passion for hair. We believe in true partnerships – a two-way relationship for life.


NATULIQUE Organic Colours, are professional cream based, permanent hair colors.

Certified Organic is the first true full-line brand in the market that offers hair and skin products that are vegan, organic, cruelty free, DEA free, sulphate free, perfume free, parabene free (a toxin/toxic pesticide); widely used ingredients that increases the risk of allergies, cancer and hormone disturbances which could lead to infertility in men and women.

The NATULIQUE product range is continuously being expanded for the benefit of men, women, children and advanced stylists.

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Colour has been at the heart of what we do for over 100 years. Setting new standards in the market, IGORA ROYAL has given life to our partners‘ creativity – for over 50 years. This has always been our colour commitment to you. Now is the time to discover a true step ahead in colour. It is time to make our best – even better.


True colour stands for maximum intensity and very clear & sharp tone directions. It means up to 100% perfect white hair coverage – even on thick & resistant hair. Stunning performance and 100% reliability characterise true colour – even under challenging conditions.


IGORA ROYAL covers up to 100% white hair, delivers ultimate colour retention and represents intense colour vibrancy. IGORA ROYAL equalises the colour evenly – even on porous hair. Clearest lifting shades and advanced care* for maximised contrast and shine. With its absolute true to tuft results you will have 100% reliability for your daily work.


More then just a lifestyle brand, American Crew specifically design their products to suit the needs of all different hair types for men who care about their appearance and want no fuss solutions. American Crew are leaders in the field of men’s grooming and offer a and diverse range of hair care and style products made exclusively for men.

americancrew_colourAmerican Crew – Colour System

Men are not women. Men have their own styles. Their own cuts. And their own attitude. To blend the gray from a man’s hair, you need techniques and products crafted specifically for him. For more than 15 years, American Crew has been the salon brand that men trust. Now we’re introducing a gray blending system for their unique needs. It gives you the ability to create the natural color men want in just five minutes. It’s more than a new product, it’s a new system.

americancrew_hairrepairAmerican Crew – Hair Recovery System

You’re not alone. Lots of guys want fuller, thicker, stronger hair.
And American Crew, the leader in men’s hair, is proud to introduce the solution. The Trichology Hair Recovery System. A shampoo that works with a concentrate or patch to nourish and strengthen your hair.