Kerastase This beloved brand launched in France in 1964 with a
mission to create high-performance, personalized hair care.
Using the renowned La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal, a powerhouse
institution with over 2,000 researchers, Kérastase has created
technologically advanced, specialized products to meet
every hair and scalp need.

But the brand’s mission goes beyond just supplying consumers
with top-notch at-home products. They’ve built up a stable of
trained stylists at select salons around the country to
offer professional expertise and services too advanced to
be done in your own bathroom. Part critical hair care
nourishment and part haute spa treatment, your hair
will be dramatically changed after a Kérastase
in-salon ritual.



Drawing on the technical expertise gained throughout their
111 year history and after extensive lab research,
Schwarzkopf Professional has created the new
BC Bonacure Hairtherapy; a complete range of personalised
hair care products – all specially formulated to rebuild
your beauty from within. So if you are dedicated
to hair beauty, embrace the next generation of BC Bonacure.

By Schwarzkopf Professional for SYLK HAIR BOUTIQUE

American Crew

More then just a lifestyle brand, American Crew specifically design their
products to suit the needs of all different hair types for men who care
about their appearance and want no fuss solutions. American Crew are
leaders in the field of men’s grooming and offer a and diverse range of
hair care and style products made exclusively for men.

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American Crew – Colour System

Men are not women. Men have their own styles. Their own cuts.
And their own attitude. To blend the gray from a man’s hair, you
need techniques and products crafted specifically for him.
For more than 15 years, American Crew has been the salon
brand that men trust. Now we’re introducing a gray blending
system for their unique needs. It gives you the ability to create
the natural color men want in just five minutes.
It’s more than a new product, it’s a new system.
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American Crew – Hair Recovery System

You’re not alone. Lots of guys want fuller, thicker, stronger hair.
And American Crew, the leader in men’s hair, is proud to introduce
the solution. The Trichology Hair Recovery System.
A shampoo that works with a concentrate or patch to nourish
and strengthen your hair.


NATULIQUE Organic Colours, are professional cream based, permanent hair colors.

Certified Organic is the first true full-line brand in the market that offers hair
and skin products that are vegan, organic, cruelty free, DEA free,
sulphate free, perfume free, parabene free (a toxin/toxic pesticide);
widely used ingredients that increases the risk of allergies, cancer and
hormone disturbances which could lead to infertility in men and women.

The NATULIQUE product range is continuously being expanded for the
benefit of men, women, children and advanced stylists.


A true classic isn’t defined by time or fashion. It stands alone; confident
and brave. It’s made of truth, beauty and style. The perfect red lip.The
little black dress.The battered blue jeans.The Ghd gold classic styler.But
bigger. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”


A luxurious/premium products formulated to nourish,
strenghten and repair. Infused with Replicine™
Functional Keratin® to reduce breakage, restore
hair structure and improve shine and condition.
This range works synergistically to help maintain
the high levels of Replicine™ Functional Keratin®
deposited following an in-salon rescue treatment.

Suitable for all hair types.

  • Helps restore strength, condition & elasticity.
  • Helps transform, moisturise & nourish severely damaged hair.
  • Instant shiny, silky soft hair.
  • Doesn’t weigh down fine hair.
  • Moisturises coarse, thick hair.


is the First Permanent Hair Repair System in the World
NANOKERATIN is the fastest, most technically advanced and efficient
permanent Hair Repair system in the world.
All hair types benefit from this new technology, but the most dramatic
results are seen in extremely damaged porous hair.
Using advanced nanotechnology, scientists in Brazil have developed a
brand new and permanent hair repair system that can restore your hair
structure back to how nature intended it to be, soft, shiny and healthy.
The result is beautiful, soft and silky hair in superb condition with an
incredible shine. The hair instantly becomes healthier and


Hair Thickening made easy with XFusion!
XFusion hair thickening products have become recognised for their simple
application and immediate results. Each product in the XFusion line gives
men and women thicker looking hair, almost instantly after application.
Whether it be the hair thickening spray, Hairline Optimiser or XFusion hair
fibres, each is designed to provide an instant cover up solution.
XFusion hair thickener works with existing hair and can enhance even the
thinnest of areas.
When simply applied to the hair, the hair building fibres in the products
work to fill out existing hair, resulting in a full appearance. These products
are designed to withstand all weather conditions and will not smear, stain
or damage your clothing or skin. XFusion’s hair thickening products are
available in 9 different colours, including:

  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Medium brown
  • Light brown
  • Medium blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Auburn
  • Gray
  • White


Thousands of men and women have tried XFusion hair loss treatment and
are completely satisfied with the instant results. XFusion is a fast, effective
hair loss product, instantly covering balding areas For a totally natural hair
thickener that covers with style, further then XFusion.